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Traveling throughout Asia is a wonderful experience of sights and sounds. That’s why travelers like you need the best information that can help you make the most out of your trip. The body of knowledge available in the internet is constantly increasing in a rapid rate. One of the major task of Explorer-Asia is to give the traveler practical tips on places of interest, transportation and accommodation amongst other things in the countries of Thailand, Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and the Philippines, and by giving glimpse of every country’s rich history and the influences that have shaped its unique culture while not turning a blind eye to its quirks and annoyances and giving travelers a chance to make a difference if they wish to.

If this travel website makes even just a few travelers appreciate the countries mentioned above and its people a bit more, then that goal will have been achieved.

Happy Traveling!

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The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page

- Saint Augustine



Ten Ways to Make Traveling Easier


10. Enough is Enough.

When traveling, please don’t bring your entire cabinet with you. Just pack necessary clothing items like underwear, a hat, jackets, and some shirts and pants. Traveling with a heavy load can cause inconvenience in the airport and in accommodation spaces. You may also be fined for excess baggage. Just carry something light and easy. Learn to dress properly as well to be ready for any weather changes in the country of your destination.



9. Keep your travel documents safe.

Part of having a peaceful mind when traveling is knowing that all important traveling documents and cards are safe. You wouldn’t want to dine at a restaurant only to find out that you don’t have your credit card with you. It is also a big problem if you visit the embassy and discover that your passport is gone.To make everything legal and registered, you can give your contact details and other information to your home embassy. You must also make sure that you have more than one copy of your passport, traveler’s checks, credit cards and visas. Carry the original ones for emergency purposes and secure some copies at your hotel.


8. Simplicity is Beauty.

Dress simply and make sure to bring only the essential things when traveling.

Where there is temptation, there are scammers and criminals waiting to strike at any given time. By wearing expensive jewelry items, shopping extravagantly and carrying branded and glittering bags, you have set yourself up for a possible crime. Avoid this by keeping things simple. You wouldn’t want bad memories to mark your travel adventure.




7. Calling Far Away

To prepare for any emergency situations, you must always carry a phone card with you. If you can, bring and use your GSM cell phone with you in your destination country. Make sure that you know the country code, area code, and all of the corresponding telephone numbers. Read instructions indicated on the card. If you are using pay phones, be sure you know how to input these numbers.

Aside from using these phone cards for calling home, you can also use them to contact anyone locally. If you are suddenly lost, you can call your friend or the embassy through public phones or through your GSM phone.



6.  Travel and Tourist Guides—Your One-Stop Assistance Sources

A tourist guide can be your live map and instructional guide. Some travel packages include a tourist guide. If not, you can request this for an additional charge. Tourist guides provide helpful tips about traveling, eating and even shopping. If you need anything like contact numbers of restaurants, embassies, or emergency numbers, you can find this information in a tourist guide. Tourist guides also explain and introduce the spots that you visit.



5.  Show Me the Money!

Upon arriving at your destination, you may need some local currency for taxi fees and other airport payments. It is always better to get yourself some currency as you may not be able to exchange money instantly. If you know a friend from the country of your destination, you can ask which money exchange centers are credible and where you can get the best rates.

Be careful of suspicious characters who may offer to exchange your money upon arriving at the airport.


4. You are What You Eat

To make traveling easier and hassle-free, take care of your stomach. Though it is common for travelers to go on a food trip and try all the exotic treats available, these delicacies may ruin your vacation. If you usually eat cooked food, you had better not try something raw as these types of food may cause instant upset stomach. One remedy is to bring medications for stomachache, indigestion, and other sicknesses. It is also advised that you drink bottled water for a diarrhea-free stomach.



3The Magic Touch of Words

When you speak the native tongue of the place you visit, you suddenly feel very welcomed as people are delighted with your effort. This is true even with just few words. Learn some basic phrases or sentences of the country’s language. Try to remember phrases like “Thank You,” “Good day,” and “How are you?”If you are in countries with a language that has its own characters, being able to recognize some basic characters can help you a lot. You will be able to know which one indicates a restaurant and where the bathroom is. Who knows, you may be fascinated and actually continue learning the language when you return home.


2. Navigating with Maps and Public Transportation

Maps are more than just graphical illustrations of places. They actually guide you to your chosen destination. A big city will usually have more than one type of map for different areas or vicinities.

Some traveling maps have lists of places to visit and what public transportation is available. For example, if you would like to visit a particular park, you can take the subway line that passes thru that specific place. Taking public transportation while traveling is much more convenient and fun than hiring a car or riding in taxis.


1Flash Your Set of Perfect White Teeth

Smiles are really contagious. When in a foreign land, you may not know the language, culture, and practices. You may be conscious of how you act and how you speak. However, there’s one thing that is universal, which can make everything seem brighter and lighter. A smile is a universal communication tool that people of any age and nationality can understand.

A foreigner like you can also approach someone more easily if you smile. There is also a better chance that the person will help you. Remember, if you are anxious, just smile and politely ask