Romantic Holiday

According to you, what are the ideal components of a perfect romantic getaway? Gentle rays of the sun setting over a secluded line of sultry shorelines or long, intriguing walks with the one you cherish the most. A perfect romantic getaway would extend all the aforementioned attributes along with a fresh and distinct cultural experience. You should preferable plan a getaway that promises not only a brief entertaining vacation with your loved one but also the one that can promise endearing memories that can be remembered for a lifetime.

One of the prime locations like Southeast Asia has been constantly overshadowed by the other hyped about romantic destinations like the Caribbean & Pacific Islands. As you travel to Southeast Asia you tend to realize this region owns the most extraordinary stretches of coastline and scenic vistas. All this and more can be a part of your trip if you choose to take a trip to the Southeast Asia region.

The southern region of Thailand is known for its exotic beaches. The islands and shores of Thailand suit all sorts of couples/pairs who are on entertaining or a romantic getaway. Some the romantic spots of Thailand are Phuket and Krabi.

You can travel to Southeast Asia attractions and visit the nearby islands and beaches that are placed near to them. The famous travel destination of Koh Phangan has been long known for its full moon parties. For the travelers looking forward to a destination that features a laid-back lifestyle, Phi Phi Islands is the exact place they are looking for.

The favorite spot of most of tourists in Indonesia is that of Bali. The rich and sophisticated culture of Bali enchants its visitants with its uniqueness. The beaches of Bali are known for their beauty. Yet some regions of Southeast Asia that extends the charm of diving hot spots and scenic vistas are Malaysia and the Philippines.

The most outstanding feature of these Asian destinations that sets them apart from the regular romantic destinations is that they offer a distinct feel of a rich culture. Be it the indulgent local cuisines or decompressing massages of Southeast Asia, there is a tinge of Asian culture and lifestyle in everything.

The enrapturing environs of Thai beaches receive their coltish attribute from the melodious tunes of singing fruit vendors and from the beautiful, fully covered Indonesian women who walk along the beach shores. You can find all the varieties of water sports and beach amenities that are offered up by the beach resort vacation packages.

To conclude, you can look forward to a unique, memorable and a cost effective romantic holiday in Southeast Asia. Here are some ideas for secluded romantic island honeymoon vacations in Southeast Asia. The best islands for private couple getaways.


Top Destinations for Romantic Getaway

Away from the more popular honeymoon getaways in Southeast Asia such as Phuket and Bali, there are hundreds of other islands, perhaps even more pristine, than the ones many travel brochures write about.



The Philippines is almost always left out by many tourists in Asia – and they have no idea what they’re missing! If you love white sand beaches and  romantic secluded getaways, the Philippines will not disappoint. On top of the list of romantic secluded islands is Palawan – a place of exquisite beauty, rich marine life and exotic splendors.

El Nido, one of many islands of Palawan is certainly  a magical place. From its ageless towering marble cliffs to its white sandy beaches with crystal clear water, many refer to it as paradise. There are over 50 beaches to discover, so many in fact that sometimes you feel as if you are on your own private private beach. You will also find enthralling lagoons with peaceful turquoise-green water, caves that can take you to hidden beaches, and a very diverse variety of wildlife.

This island could easily be the world’s best island paradise. Its white sand beach, the nearby coral reef, and the relaxing ambiance are enough to make you fall in love with the island.





Tanjung Rhu has one of Langkawi’s best shorelines. The waters are as clear as crystal, the sand is powder-fine and driving towards this beach you’ll have to pass a dense corridor of jungle. The area is absolutely secluded and the atmosphere is silent and peaceful. Bordered by intermittent limestone crags, Tanjung Rhu is gorgeously breathtaking and even though it may be as hot as Hades in some of the other areas of Langkawi, here the air is crisp, clean and cool.




Bali, a tropical Indonesian Island, is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in East Asia. Bali is the ultimate honeymoon experience for couples seeking romance and intimacy. Couples can choose to stay in private villas in Bali that have tropical gardens, private swimming pools, and a well trained house staff including a maids and cooks.

South of the international airport, Jimbaran Beach is safely nestled in between that and Kedonganan Beach to the south. Jimbaran Beach is an extremely tranquil beach and perfectly white. Walking or just sitting and waiting for the sunset are two of the most popular activities to do on this beach.

Enjoy the quiet moments together and experience the tranquility of the surrounding. In the evening, indulge in a romantic candlelit dinner in any of the several restaurants on the pure white sands of Jimbaran Bay. A romantic moonlight stroll hand in hand along Jimbaran Beach after the dinner will be an experience of a lifetime.




Phu Quoc will be sought to become the ‘Next Phuket.’ Phu Quoc in the province of Kien Giang is Vietnam’s largest island and is located in the Gulf of Thailand. 45km off the coast from the Vietnamese-Cambodian border town of Ha Tien and 120km from the Kien Giang provincial capital of Rach Gia.

Phu Quoc was largely untouched by the difficulties of the Vietnam War, which is probably why the island has managed to preserve its charm. Today, it is considered one of the most beautiful beach destinations in Asia. Phu Quoc is known by the locals as Koh Tral. Thanks to its spectacular beaches – voted the cleanest in the world – the island is a veritable haven for tourists.

Located on the upper west coast just beyond Vung Bau Beach lays a long stretch of deserted pristine beach of Bai Dai or long beach running for more than 2 miles along this sunset drenched coast. Hurry up and check it out, spend some quality time with your love ones before the golf balls start flying past your head.

Airports Serving Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Phu Quoc is served by the Phu Quoc Airport, located in the town of Duong Dong. Locals sometimes refer to it as the Duong Dong Airport. The airport was built in the 1930′s by the French and has been exclusively serving commercial flights since 1975. Due to the increasing popularity of the island to tourists, plans are underway to construct a new airport that will have a significantly larger capacity.




This beach boasts a spectacular three kilometre stretch of white sands and shallow clear waters. Klong Dao was the first beach to be developed on Ko Lanta Yai, just over 5 years ago. With its’ breath-taking sunsets and white sand landscape, we can see why.

Despite being the most popular beach, Klong Dao is far from overdeveloped and what resorts there are remain unobtrusive and simple, preserving the secluded atmosphere



The village is famous for its culture and natural beauty. Here, you and your partner will feel the peace of soul and body with a view of green mountains and beautiful fields storey. The village is also believed to deliver inspirations to its visitor




Escape to a discrete and romantic getaway in Cameron Highlands. Highly recommended in travel guides for vacationers to rejuvenate and unwind, it offers remarkable sights of green rolling hills, beautiful tea plantations, flowers blooming beautifully in the nurseries and succulent strawberries growing splendidly in a farm. Located at over 1,500 metres above sea level, this is an ideal premier destination for one to kick back and relax in the cool climate. The excellent cool climate here makes it a perfect highland for tea growing industry. The tranquil and serene Cameron Highlands is popular among locals and foreign travelers all-year round.




Camiguin Island is believed to be one of the Philippines’s most beautiful island – a virtual paradise – as the island allows visitors to experience a sample of untouched beauty in its entirety. Locked in the eternal embrace of the sea, Camiguin continues its simple existence sheltered from and unfazed by the virulent pressures of today’s accelerated lifestyles.

This cove of pristine white sand is indeed a place for tranquil contentment .Nature must have “fallen in love with Camiguin” so much, that she has all the wonders of nature. One is simply at a loss for words to describe this lovely island which the tourists end caringly call “The Island of your Imagination”. Camiguin is said to be the country’s most peaceful island-paradise, and an encounter with the people can be as rewarding as the assimilation of its physical richness.

The air is so pure, the mountain is so green, and the water is so clear that your visit to the island will become your once-in-a-lifetime love affair with mother nature which is its greatest reward.

Camiguin is never intended to replace paradise, though one could say that it may be the closest thing to paradise.




Bo Phut Beach sits between Mae nam and Big Buddha beaches on Samui’s northern coast. There is a quieter and more laid back feel than the larger Chaweng and Lamai beaches, and it is popular with people who don’t want to be in the thick of Samui’s hedonistic nightlife areas.

Bo Phut Beach itself spans about three kilometres and is one of the most idyllic spots on Samui, sporting beautiful white sand dotted with coconut palms. The beach is much quieter than the beaches on the island’s east coast and there are also some great views out to Koh Pha Ngan. Historically, as the nickname suggests, this was a fishing village, and there are still a small number of local fishing boats continuing this traditional lifestyle.




After less than an hour on a boat from the east coast of Malaysia, the laid-back atmosphere and the natural beauty of the Perhentian islands immediately transport you to a different world. The white sand is dotted with sun-worshipping holiday makers, some retreating to the shade for a glass of freshly squeezed juice. A group of scuba divers are boarding a boat to venture out into the turquoise waters and submerge themselves in the underwater wonderland. Later, as the sun sets, a quiet buzz of music and chatter fills the air, together with the thin wisp of smoke from the barbeque fire.

The Perhentian Islands are two islands named Pulau Perhentian Kecil (Small Perhentian Island) and Pulau Perhentian Besar (Large Perhentian Island). Just the mere mention of the name conjures up dreams of long lazy days on golden beaches and enchanting dives .