Family Vacation Spots- Top 5 Spots You Should Know

When it comes to family vacation spots, South East Asia tops the charts.

The area is brimming with all types of cultural activities, from tours to sightseeing opportunities. You are also close to popular shopping venues, and delicious cuisine. If you are considering South East Asia as family vacation spots, then you should be aware of the top places to visit during your family vacation.


If you have researched the country, then you have probably seen the area known as ‘Thailand’ mentioned quite frequently. Thailand is a bustling country and is also the more popular region of South East Asia for family vacation spots. The transportation is excellent, with modern roads that are appropriate for vehicles. However, many visitors prefer to venture away from the modern areas of Thailand and see the countryside. You can then take part in trekking tours either by walking or bike tours. (photo by Rip Cr)

Camping adventures and golf tours are the most popular choices for families visiting the area. Camping adventures allow you to vacation in a luxurious tent with modern furniture, while also being close to the wildlife. Golf tours are of course much more luxurious. Thailand is actually well known for its golf courses, with close to 150 courses in total.


If you and your family are seeking family vacation spots that are less modern, then Laos is a favourite of many. It is a primitive country, with transportation that includes trucks that have been converted with benches in the back for customers. This location is best for families who are not afraid of a little adventure, and it is probably not best if you have very little children.

Despite the fact that Laos is not as commercialized as other areas of South East Asia, it was recently voted as one of the top destinations in the world by the New York Times. Many tours will take you through the small town of Luang Prabang, where you can visit temples and walk through boulevards that are reminiscent to the French riverside streets. Bangkok is a nearby city in Laos that is large in size, which is where many of the tours depart from. This will give you and your family the benefit of being able to explore a modern city in conjunction with the smaller areas of Laos.            (Photo by kds1505)


If you are planning on a trip to Cambodia as one of your family vacation spots, then you are in for a real treat. Cambodia is an ancient country, in which the history is based on the Khmer Empire. The Khmer Empire was at one time the largest empire located in South East Asia. A popular place to visit while in the country of Cambodia is Angkor, which was the empire capital while it was active. There are close to 1000 temples in Angkor, which will give you plenty to see while you are in the area.

Many tour companies will plan various excursions that are based around Angkor, simply because of the beautiful temples. Many are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Angkor Thom is another destination that is listed on Cambodia tours. The city is in a “moated” or walled style, being that it was the last capital city for the Angkorian Empire. (Photo by Garion88)


While Thailand was once one of the main exotic locations in South East Asia, Vietnam is also listed on the popular exotic family vacation spots. There are many open-air markets, which bring bargain hunters to the area year after year. For those seeking a more remote vacation, the mountains in Vietnam provide plenty of relaxation and privacy. There are also tours that trek through the mountains. (Photo by Andrew Hux)


The country of Myanmar is located close to Laos, with a very diverse population.There are many places of interest in the country that provide plenty of activities and family vacation spots. The famous Irrawaddy Cruise is a popular choice for families, because it gives you a chance to see all of the waterside sights along the way. The cruise is taken on a riverboat, which holds a large number of people. Balloon rides are another popular event in Myanmar. As a matter of fact, it was Marco Polo who once said that Myanmar was one of the most beautiful places in the world. You can easily fit up to 12 people on the balloon ride, which will be beneficial if you have a fairly large family.(Photo by jmhullot)