5 Awesome Holidays in South East Asia

…particularly Thailand

The lands are full of culturally enriching activities, relaxing accommodations, and other amenities that are perfect for a family get-a-way. Thailand is one of the top locations in South East Asia, as well as the most populated with family vacation ideas. We are going to go over the top 5 family vacation ideas that you can plan for your family in South East Asia, particularly in Thailand.

1.   Luxury Tented Adventures

Popular family vacation ideas for families who enjoy adventure are luxury tented camp excursions. With the combination of wildlife and comfort, this is one of the top family vacation ideas in Thailand. The setting is located in the northern area of ‘Chiang Rai’, which is in the heart of the Thailand Golden Triangle.

There are a total of 15 tents for guests, with all of the furnishings suitable for an adventure expedition. You and your family can learn how to take care of an elephant for a day, canoe down the Mekong River, and enjoy a relaxing spa experience on the last day of the adventure. While the camping experience is full of adventure activities, you can still unwind at the end of the day with traditional campfire meals. There is truly something for everyone on this vacation.

(Photo by Puff’s Daddy)

2.  Thailand in Style

This is the perfect tour if you and your family are seeking a more “stylish” way to experience South East Asia. The 7 day, 6 night tour allows you to see the amazing sights of Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The tour begins with excursions to the Buddhist temples in Bangkok, where you and your family can learn all about the religious practices. You then get to ride on the canal via boat to see all of the amazing sights of Bangkok.

After your boat ride, you and your family will then be boarding a luxurious Oriental Express train that rides overnight. During the trip to Chiang Mai on the train, you will be able to rest in your own private quarters, dine on a delicious meal, and receive great service.

When arriving in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, you will all have the benefit of trekking around the mountains, and the option to get up close and personal with elephants. To end the tour, you will be able to view the city from the air on a scenic flight.(Photo by nickgraywfu)

3.   Explore Bangkok and Central Thailand

If you and your family are seeking family vacation ideas that are captivating with rich culture and experience, then a tour of central Thailand and Bangkok will provide the best vacation. On this tour, you will have the benefit of staying in a luxurious accommodation, with relaxing amenities, while still being able to experience all that Thailand has to offer.

The tour begins in Bangkok, which is known as a cosmopolitan city. Many refer to Bangkok as the ‘City of Angels’, or ‘Krungthep’. You can explore the royal residences in the area, as well as popular temples. You will also have the option of visiting some of the popular shopping locations and nightlife entertainment.

You will then set sail on the Mekhala, which is a “floating hotel”, which sails down the river to the capital of Ayuthaya. This is the perfect way to experience the history of South East Asia, as well as touring through forests and interacting with monks.(Photo by Dave Nicoll)

Siam Ocean World, Bangkok. (Photo by SpaghettiFan)



4.  Thai Peninsula

For families who are aiming to explore areas of Thailand that many tourists would overlook, a tour down the Thai Peninsula is a popular choice among family vacation ideas. While the Peninsula is a location for some of the most popular beaches in the area, there are also hidden treasures in the coves and countryside that provide the excitement for a great vacation.

The seven day tour begins in the city of Bangkok, which is also the capital of Thailand. After visiting the modern skyscrapers and traditional canals, you will then be heading south to the floating markets, caves, and the hidden beaches of the Peninsula. In addition, you will have the benefit of exploring some of the most world renowned national parks that are located in Thailand. Many families prefer to extend their stay in South East Asia by staying for several nights in the beach location of Phuket. (Photo by [email protected])

5.  Thailand Overland

If you and your family are seeking a longer tour experience, then a “Thailand Overland” tour activity fits your requirements. During the 11 day tour, your family can get up close to the Thailand culture that is accountable for the surrounding beauty. The journey is private, in which you and your family can trek through the central and northern locations of Thailand.

The tour begins in Bangkok, which is the modern city of the area, where you can explore various temples, and tour some of the popular waterways. The journey then continues up north to the areas of rural Thailand, where you will probably not come across very many tourists. The tour continues in Sukhothai, which is a previous kingdom that features amazing Buddhist sculptures. Other locations that you will have the pleasure of exploring are Chiang Mai, the ‘Golden Triangle’ of Thailand, as well as Chiang Rai.

Pai, Northern Thailand (Photo by Argenberg)

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