Activities & Adventures

Southeast Asia is made up of over 20,000 islands and covers a gigantic area within the tropics where active volcanoes, dense rainforests and large mountains reside. With this comes great scope for activities, as well as the chance to spot some of the world’s most unique animals.

Tailor-made for an active vacation, Southeast Asia awaits those that want to do more.  Always a destination in which it’s easy to build up a sweat, the idyllic weather, warm water, amazing scenery and radiant hospitality makes every activity that much more enjoyable.

The other good thing about traveling to Southeast Asia for an activity-oriented holiday is that most things can be done at relatively little expense, where travel, accommodation and doing things is cheap.

SURFINGMost surfers head for the islands of Indonesia where there are some excellent left-handers as well as the popular distractions found on the holiday island of Bali. The Philippines, with its innumerable islands, is also a popular surf destination, while Thailand is best for beginners and intermediates. Popular Southeast Asian surf spots include Kuta Beach, Nias, and Lombok Island in Indonesia, Siargao in the Philippines, and Phuket in Thailand. More Info
Southeast Asia has a huge collection of rivers where monsoonal rains mean some excellent white water with rapids ranging anywhere from grade one to five. Although there are grade six rapids in parts of Southeast Asia, they are considered unnavigable and far too dangerous.

Indonesia, Malaysia &Thailand are the chief white water rafting and kayaking destinations in Southeast Asia, while Laos  have some remarkable spots to go paddling. As far as kayaking goes, it’s hard to beat Ha Long Bay in Vietnam & Pha Nga Bay in Thailand. More Info

HIKING & TREKKINGThe diverse landscape that exists in Southeast Asia is an explorer’s paradise. Jungle treks, mountain hikes, hillside tribes, remote temples, stunning vistas, the list goes on. The best trekking in Southeast Asia can be had in Indonesia and on the island of Borneo; both Sabah (Malay territory) Peninsular Malaysia also has some fascinating walking in its many national parks,. Mountains of  northern Thailand is popular and good for that hill tribe trekking experience,  while Tak and Khao Sok National Park in the south are also fine. More Info
MOUNTAIN CLIMBING  & ROCK CLIMBINGThe limestone make up of great swathes of Southeast Asia makes for perfect rock climbing while the volcanic landscape of Indonesia and the Philippines is excellent for mountain climbing. Krabi in Thailand is the main focus of rock climbing with hundreds of marked routes, while Mount Kinabalu on Borneo and Gunung Tahan in Malaysia has some great climbs. More Info
DIVING & SNORKELINGThailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines have the best diving and snorkeling in Southeast Asia with many world-class dive sites and a myriad of dive companies. Destinations of note include the Similan islands in Thailand, the Raja Ampat islands in Indonesia, Sipadan in Malaysia and Donsol in the Philippines. More Info
KITESURFING / KITEBOARDINGKitesurfing is widespread in Southeast Asia, since Southeast Asia has thousands of miles of coastline with immensely varying geography. A high majority of these locations feature warm water and attractive sandy beaches. Though this may not affect the actual kitesurfing, it makes entering the water much more pleasant and is far more inviting to beginners. Vietnam, Thailand, Bali and the Philippines are well-known for providing the idyllic beach setting with excellent kitesurfing experience. More Info
Mountain biking is one of the most popular sports on the planet today. Sales of the rugged bikes have picked up so much in the past decade. Adrenaline junkies are flocking to new corners of the globe to explore off the beaten track downhill runs. Before they had never seen a mountain bike, but now locations such as Borneo, Malaysia, Laos and Thailand have their own tour operators and bike shops selling the same high quality equipment you will find in London or Sydney.  You don’t even need to worry about your equipment, what to eat, or where to sleep most of the time. Many tour operators will already have it taken care of. More Info
KAYAKING Kayaking have become hugely popular recreational activities in Asia. Escape destinations beaten-up by mass tourism and paddle to stunning tropical islands to find small secluded beaches or paddle down jungle-fringed tropical rivers. More Info…
PARASAILING Southeast Asia isn’t just about relaxing in the sun, adventure awaits in the form of parasailing in the well known pristine beaches of Southeast Asia. The year-round tropical climate is also a big drawcard for those looking to escape less than favorable weather at home. More Info…


WAKEBOARDING Wakeboarding in Southeast Asia is gaining in popularity quickly due to the relatively cheap cost, you can spend 2 hours wakeboarding in Bangkok, Bali and the Philippines and relax next to the lake for the remainder of the day relatively lower and far cheaper than in Europe, the US or Australasia. More Info...

Caving is a growing sport. While much of the land masses have already been explored and the earth’s oceans are slowly being unravelled, caving is still in its infancy. New technology is allowing spelunkers to go farther than they ever could before and virgin caves in the most remote corners of the earth are being documented and traversed one by one. More Info…