Air Asia set to launch ‘affordable’ on-board wi-fi


 Passengers to be part of product testing

Air Asia is going its own way with on-board wi-fi.
AirAsia Wifi On Board

AirAsia’s group CEO Tony Fernandes said the wi-fi equipment introduced to AirAsia earlier “was just too expensive and we have decided to develop our own”.

The low-cost carrier is currently testing on-board wi-fi in preparation of the product launch scheduled by year-end.

“It has taken us five years to come to this stage, but in true AirAsia style, we have to get it right and provide our guests with the best value at the most affordable rates,” Fernandes said.

A range of wi-fi products, including Instant Messaging, emails as well as content streaming will be made available gradually on all AirAsia flights with the AK flight code, and will be introduced throughout the AirAsia Group progressively.

“Finally, the masses will be able to enjoy wi-fi on board at a low-cost price,” Fernandes said.

For the next two months, AirAsia will be providing 60 guests on each flight with the opportunity to participate in the Free User Test.

Details will be shared via AirAsia’s website and official social media channels.



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